Tip Number 2 to Impress your Lender: Clear Your Financial History

If you are trying to impress your lender, you must clean up your accounts receivable and accounts payable. Make sure that you don’t have any stain with regards to your financial history. If there’s any, clean it up before facing your lender.

The thing is, most lenders do not want to see business waiting for a lots of money to come in. They just found it messy and unorganized. Whether it is in the form of accounts receivable or accounts payable, lenders would just like to see your business with clear financial history. If the lenders saw that your business has a lot of accounts receivable and accounts payable, they will think that there is a problem.

Accounts receivable may reflect slow-paying clients. For lenders, the capability of the business to pay for their loans relies on the paying clients. Now, how can a business pay their loans if they have slow paying clients? The lenders would still like to see a reserve for bad debts to reflect potential uncollectible bills.

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