Another Credit Card for Small Businesses…From Google?

As if taking over search engines and the recent foray into social networking aren’t enough, Google had recently announced that this time, they would also be offering Google AdWords credit cards for small businesses. A partnership between the search engine giant and World Financial Capital Bank now offers a beta version of the new AdWords Business Mastercard. According to reports, World Financial Capital Bank is issuing a no-annual fee card with an 8.99 percent interest rate.

This credit card from Google is supposed to be spent on advertising via Google AdWords which is their keyword advertising program. It is also to be exclusively used for Google AdWords purchases. Further, the sole purpose of the card will be for small businesses to fund and purchase search campaigns. As of the moment, there is no word yet on exactly how many cards are to be issued nor are there any information on the credit limit being released.

So why credit cards instead of a direct line of credit? It’s because when customers use a credit card, in the event that they won’t be able to pay, the liability is on their shoulders and not on Google’s. Since there are many businesses getting online, there is a mad scramble to do everything right where search engines and rankings are concerned which isn’t all that surprising really. As a small business owner, would you be willing to get a hold of the Google credit card? Share your feedback and any comments below.

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