Finance Tracking Apps for the Entrepreneur

It's stressful managing your business finances on top of your personal one. Managing money can be overwhelming for some especially if your expenses far outweigh your income. At some point, each one of us spends money we don't have that is why credit cards are very helpful.

Even if it's for business, spending way too much can cause financial crisis. The best thing to do is to track your business (not to mention, personal) expenses so that you would know where you are going before bankruptcy becomes inevitable.
Whether web or phone apps, finance tracking is all the rage not only for entrepreneurs. The integration of convenience and practicality makes it even more tempting. Listed are some of the known finance tracking apps you might want to consider using if you haven't already.

  1. Mint - a product of Intuit. This is a free web and phone app which automatically categorizes your transactions so that you would have a better view of your finances.
  2. Yodlee MoneyCenter - Sign up is free and there are quite a number of functionalities which are ideal for consumers and entrepreneurs. A few of these functionalities are: the ability to track spending, bill payment, fund transfers, account aggregation, reports ad graphs.
  3. Buxfer - Again, the sign up for this application is free. It automatically downloads and categorizes expenses from all your accounts, you would also be given an overview of how much you spend versus how much you earn. After analyzing this data, you can then set spending limits which would let you stay within your budget.
  4. SmartyPig - This is all about savings. Takes after the concept of saving using a piggy bank, it is a savings account which helps you create goals, track them and make future plans.
  5. Thrive - this is an online money management tool which gives you an overall score regarding your financial health and gives suggestions for its improvement.
These are just 5 of the common financial tracking apps. There are a lot more out there waiting to be discovered. If not, what would drive you to sign up for one?

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