Finding Favor from a Strategic Investor

Money is needed to start and grow business, and entrepreneurs are most likely find it difficult to provide the capital needed to start a business. You can hear entrepreneurs everywhere complaining how difficult it is to get a working capital. Trigger your creative thought and find out ideas how to obtain a capital you needed for your business.

One way of getting the financing needed is by finding a strategic investor. Find out if you can get a larger company that would benefit directly from your service or product offering. Then you can convince them that your company can create positive impact to their business. It may either through sales increase or a cost reduction. The target here is to garner financing in the form of direct equity, a loan, use of their credit, prepaid contracts, or payment of development costs.

Start thinking about your business and identify where you can find a potential strategic investors. There's no harm in trying, and this could be a wonderful idea to fuel your financing needs.

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