Monetary Benefits Of Separate Business Credit

Separating your business credit from personal credit has other advantages. Whenever credit inquiries are done on behalf of your business then these inquiries would no longer look into your personal credit history. You could get business financing based solely on your business credit history.

Most importantly perhaps is the fact that you can get more money for your business when you handle your finances in this way. When you are seeking out business financing you can often get from 10 times to 100 times the amount of credit that you could get personally. This would mean greater financing and easier financing to support your business interests. You would no longer be limited because your credit indicates that you are just a person and not a business entity.

Interest rates favor this separation as well. While personal interest rates can be quite steep on higher lines of credit, interest rates on higher lines of credit for business purposes can be much less. In fact, they can be half as much. The more money you need the more you can save just on the interest. This reason alone should tell you that separate business and personal credit makes good business sense.

Establishing business credit benefits your personal finances and your business interests. You can protect your credit in both arenas and have more credit available to you in both areas too. When they said you should keep work at work, maybe they were talking about credit.

This great lesson I learned is from PCBS post about How Establishing Business Credit Can Benefit Your Personal Finances.

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