Business Factoring

If you are in doubt of some business financing program, you might want to try this debt-free form of finance to start your business. You won’t be risking your business ownership; it is very quick and easy.

You don’t need to provide collateral requirements and you don’t need to undergo tricky process of getting a loan. This form of finance is called factoring. It is the form of financing wherein the primary requirement is no other than your own products or services. The process goes this way, you provide a product or service to a customer, then issues a corresponding invoice for that. As a business starter with no funding at all, you can offer your customers to pay an invoice in a given span of time.

Of course this is a risk for your company but you should gain your customer’s favor to keep your business running. This favor should give them an opportunity to pay the invoice in a span of time. Rather than you wait for them to provide the payment to keep your business rolling, you can sell the invoice to a third party called a factor. Now, the factor will validate the invoice and once proven that it is valid they will be paying for the invoice in behalf of the customer. When the customer pays, the factor will deduct a fee, and refund the balance to the client. The fee will be affected by the time the invoice is outstanding. Factoring will allow the entrepreneurs to start their business without the need of getting a loan. As long as the payment process for every product is quick, you surely will have the capability to keep your business rolling.

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