Business Opportunity: Nothing more appealing than this!

They're definitely distracted because they focus more on how to keep their heads floating and forgot or missed other aspects of their business which needed much attention.

And true, this is in fact the perfect time to start our own business.

The above is actually my comment in this post -- Opportunity Opens the Door When the Competition Is Distracted. This insightful post from BigThink did really hit the sweet spot when comes to opportunities.

Acquiring venture capital might be a not good idea these days as a means of business funding but the opportunity that our top competitors are in fact very disturbed about the current situation, then this opportunity becomes really appealing more than anything else.

This time is the perfect time to invest and start a business. We actually have an option. It is up to us if we spend or invest. So where do you want to belong? A spending puppet for all your leisures and wants or a wise investor to your business?

The door is finally open! So what are we all waiting for?

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