Yes. Why not lower the taxes?

I found a commentary post written by Andreea Bourgeois. And I agree with what Andreea is trying to point out.

There is never a bad time to decrease taxes, but now is the best time. CFIB survey data indicates that businesses reinvest tax savings into their business to increase productivity - either by acquiring new equipment or by paying down debt, which in turn reduces interest fees and frees up money for the business. Potential tax savings would be directly reinvested in employees in the form of increased wages, raising staffing levels or providing additional training.

Business owners do not demand miracles. They expect the finance minister to keep his promise of making New Brunswick more competitive and a better place to live and work. The majority of entrepreneurs do not want handouts, grants or subsidies from government.

Small business owners want a real helping hand: lower taxes so they can put that extra dollar to work in their firm.

Isn't she absolutely right? Read her entire commentary post -- Small business owners want tax cuts - now, and share your insights under the comments section.

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