5 Financial Decision Before Starting a Business

Joseph Anthony is a tax professional from Portland Ore. In Microsoft's small business center, he wrote several articles which most people ask for advice in relation to business.

One of the most popular articles he has written is: 5 Financial Decision Before Starting a Business. It is very helpful for aspiring entrepreneurs to be able to assess ourselves before putting up our business - how big or small it is.

To summarize it up, below are the list of factors to consider as presented by Joseph Anthony in the above mentioned article.

1. How long can you live on your own savings?
2. How deeply in debt are you willing to go?
3. What are you going to do about Health Insurance?
4. Have you lined up your lines for credit in advance?
5. Are you covered against by being not able to run your business?

Above are just the biggest issues that are noted by Joseph Anthony. You may have more on your list, please drop it by in the comments section. Thanks!

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